Medical Services

IAU has been offering Medical Services for many years and we can proudly say that , out efforts have benefited thousands.

IAU offers the following Medical Services.
1. Monthly Free Blood Pressure and Sugar Check-Up.
2. Annual Medical Camp

Monthly Free Blood Pressure and Sugar Check-Up
This is conducted every 2nd Friday of each month. Any person registering for this check-up, can avail for one year free Blood Pressure and Sugar Check-Up.

Annual Medical Camp
This is the most successful Medical Camp till date in the History of IAU. Conducted Annually, it is attended by hundreds of people looking for relief from their ailment.

The Highlights:
1. Entry FREE !!!.
2. Non-Members are free to attend and avail the benefits.
3. Over 10 Medical Departments Covered.
4. Visited by Practising Specialists from Various Hospitals.
5. Free Diagnosis on the Camp premises.
6. Further Diagnosis are referred to hospitals.
7. Free Medicines !!!.
8. Discounts on medicines by various Pharmacy's

The Annual Medical Camp is conducted by joint effort of All KERALA PHARMACEUTICALS GROUP (AKPG) and KERALA PHARMACEUTICALS GROUP (KPC).